January 1, 2013 Columns

From the Editor-in-Chief: Welcome to a New Era

My goodness, here we finally are. And what a whirlwind it has been.

Month after month, we pored over and analyzed readership surveys, incorporating feedback from readers into the restructuring of content. The editorial team kept long-cherished columns and added many new ones that better represent you and serve your interests. When devising the new look, we drew upon the best practices of newsmagazine design. And, all along, we never stopped asking ourselves tough questions to make sure that the content and design were the best they could be for ASHA's members. 

And so, like all publications, the sum of the many things that we've done comes down to what you're holding and reading right now. Welcome to the first issue of a new era in association publishing! 

More useful than ever, afire in purpose, bold in look and synergized with social media, the new Leader wants to share more of your 150,000 lives, careers and stories than ever before. That's correct—we're looking for readers who write, and write well! Members want to hear about your experiences, professional tips and research news. There are so many ways you can be a part of the 2013 Leader experience:

  • First Person on the Last Page, a 400- to 500-word story about yourself to inspire and entertain other members.
  • From My Perspective, 1,200 to 1,500 words, offers your point of view on an important topic or issue.
  • E-Luminations, not more than 750 words, features first-person client perspectives and experiences.
  • Letters to the Editor, which cannot exceed 250 words, commenting on a topic or recent Leader article. Send letters to leader@asha.org.
  • People, a newly expanded column recognizing achievements and milestones in the lives of ASHA members, such as awards and media appearances. Send submissions to leader@asha.org.
  • Student's Say, where students share difficult or challenging experiences, and relate how they overcame them.
  • Speaking of Associates, a column for and about assistants in speech-language pathology and audiology.
  • In Private Practice highlights issues specific to audiologists and SLPs in private practice.
  • App-titude, a guide to using free and low-cost tablet and smartphone apps in treatment.
  • On the Pulse, for and about clinicians in health care settings.
  • Academic Edge, a place to talk about the issues you're grappling with or inspired by in higher education in communication sciences and disorders.

We're also looking for ideas for:

  • In the Limelight, which profiles members doing interesting or creative things, either personally or professionally. 
  • Make it Work, a how-to guide to issues that may come up in any work setting: schools, hospitals, rehab facilities, skilled nursing facilities, private practice or staffing agencies.

For those interested in writing for the new Leader, please keep in mind that we strive for an accessible, engaging prose style that will appeal to a diverse readership. Everything you need to know to get started writing for us is just one click away.

Gary Dunham, is editor-in-chief of The ASHA Leader. gdunham@asha.org

cite as: Dunham, G. (2013, January 01). From the Editor-in-Chief: Welcome to a New Era. The ASHA Leader.


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