Marketing Manager

Posting Date: 6/10/2016

Location: Rockville, MD

Cluster/Team:  Marketing and Sales/Marketing Team

Coach:  Marketing Director

Salary Range (Non-Negotiable):  $74,334–$82,593

FLSA Exemption Status: Exempt


The purpose of this position is to help to develop and to execute ASHA Marketing efforts to increase member value. Responsibilities include developing and executing plans to increase non-dues revenue and support Membership's member engagement efforts. This position works with business units to identify the marketing opportunity and member need and then develop high impact, relevant marketing communications for different ASHA member segments. This position has a command of propensity model and segmentation data; and leads ad hoc cross unit teams to develop and execute marketing campaigns that resonate with members. This position evaluates results of test and learn scenarios and discerns best practices that can be leveraged enterprise wide. This position is involved in proactively using marketing data and sales analytics to make decisions identifying buyer segments, reporting on marketplace and consumer trends to drive the business forward, and use marketing best practices to meet or exceed goals. This position writes Creative Briefs for ASHA Graphics Team and/or Freelancers and leads designers and business owners to develop compelling creative that meets business objectives and reflects the ASHA brand.


  1. Executes ASHA Marketing efforts to increase member value through Marketing campaigns that increase member engagement and non-dues revenue.
  2. Works closely with the Marketing Director and business units in developing marketing plans and branding strategies.
  3. Leverage propensity model and segmentation analysis to improve enterprise-wide marketing and messaging, ultimately increasing member engagement and value.
  4. Writes Creative Briefs for campaigns that provide clear insight about a campaign in order to create effective marketing pieces.
  5. Develops and writes creative, effective marketing pieces that address a member need and communicate the value of ASHA offerings in order to maximize sales and support the ASHA brand.
  6. Evaluates results of marketing efforts, develops test and learn scenarios, and constantly improves the marketing message about ASHA’s fee-based products and services.
  7. Assists in the development and fielding of market research. Stays abreast of customer and marketplace trends, competitive information and sales data, to inform decisions about marketing initiatives and new products.
  8. Forecasts marketing revenue and expenses to meet or exceed sales goals.


Knowledge Typically Acquired Through

  • Bachelor's degree with a concentration in Marketing and/or Business Management. MBA preferred.
  • Minimum of 8 years of marketing experience in a similar position in either a non-profit or corporate organization.
  • Experience with direct response marketing.
  • Excellent copywriting skills with proven results to effectively communicate relevant, engaging marketing messages to different audiences.
  • Command of propensity modeling and segmentation study to inform targeted marketing strategy and marketing communications strategy.
  • Experience in developing and executing multiple, integrated cross-channel campaigns to meet marketing objectives, using print advertising, e-mail marketing, social media opportunities, mobile technology, and other marketing tactics.
  • Experience that shows strategic, creative, and analytical thinking.
  • Experience with marketing continuing education courses, a plus.

Scope and Depth of Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Objective, analytical thinker with an aptitude for constant improvement informed by insight, foresight and data. Ability to compare information from multiple sources to identify core issues and make decisions.
  • Demonstrated success in innovating around the consumer value proposition to enhance the competitiveness and profitability of the core product.
  • Experience implementing modeling and consumer segmentation and market research insights overall.
  • Experience in strategic planning and seeing "the big picture" and in execution of marketing initiatives.
  • Experience in identifying the customer need and the marketing of products using the full marketing mix of product, price, promotion, and multiple sales channels.
  • Excellent copywriting, proofing, and editing of marketing communications, including feedback to graphic designers on layout and design.
  • Experience in developing and interpreting sales reports and tracking the results of campaigns, to make ongoing recommendations and to execute new initiatives targeted to the appropriate audiences.
  • Experience in developing marketing survey tools to increase learning about the behavior of buyers and prospects.
  • Familiarity with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and best practices.

Scope and Depth of Non-Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Ability to bring new energy, fresh thinking, and innovative ideas to the marketing strategy and the implementation of marketing tactics.
  • A passion for results with high standard for accomplishment: work to meet or exceed challenging goals; derive satisfaction from goal achievement and continuous improvement.
  • Excellent communication and influencing skills, with the ability to work effectively with other units.
  • Strong, proactive approach and shows initiative in order to complete projects.
  • Excellent creative problem-solving abilities with a high degree of confidence in decision-making.
  • Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously and meet deadlines through the use of excellent organizational skills. Attention to detail a must.

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