American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Audiology Professional Practices Associate Director

Posting Date: 1/16/2014

Cluster/Team:  Audiology Professional Practices Unit

Coach:  Audiology Practice Policy and Consultation Unit Director

Salary Range (Non-Negotiable):  $75,226–$83,584

FLSA Exemption Status: Exempt


This position is responsible for monitoring key developments and trends in the profession of audiology for the Association and providing expert audiology consultation and state-of-the-art information to ASHA audiology members and to federal agencies and other external audiences. This position determines needs and opportunities to provide new information and resources and creates audiology content through a variety of vehicles to provide the latest developments and information pertaining to the profession to audiology members, graduate students in audiology, and other professionals in the health care community. The incumbent will:

  • Serve as a resource on audiology issues to the general public through interviews with print and broadcast media and in response to individual inquiries.
  • Determine the most effective way to provide critical information and knowledge on professional issues to members and other key audiences and manage the production and dissemination of information via a variety of venues (e.g., e-newsletters, webpages/websites, Convention and meeting exhibits, professional development seminars, etc.).
  • As a key member of the Audiology Professional Practices unit, contribute to program planning and management of the program budget.
  • Provide audiology expertise, resources, and other relevant support to fellow unit members as well as to other ASHA National Office staff, volunteer leadership, and constituents.


  1. Identify current professional issues and trends in the field of audiology and demonstrate leadership, initiative, and planning in recommending appropriate Association activities and responses, through the development and implementation of a wide variety of projects, including continuing education conferences, for-sale products, teleseminars, and related products/programs significant to Association policy and the science of audiology practice.
  2. Identify and recommend topics for continuing education conferences, teleseminars, and other professional development products/programs; develop content, recommend presentation format, identify and recruit instructors, promote, and manage final program or product.
  3. Identify, manage, and implement strategies to achieve the goals of the Association's Strategic Pathway.
  4. Identify and develop products, services, and informational resources that will meet the practical needs of audiology members and support and strengthen their clinical work in a variety of work settings.
  5. Provide technical/professional consultation on professional, clinical, practice management, and legislative and regulatory issues to members of the audiology profession as well as other professionals, such as psychologists, educators, health policy workers, speech-language pathologists, graduate students, physicians, nurses, and other members of the health care community through a variety of vehicles, including individual contact, exhibits, presentations, newsletters, and digital media such as the website.
  6. Serve as a facilitator and member of Association work groups and governance-established joint committees and special interest groups that influence and shape the Association's audiology practice policies. Responsibilities range from establishing work group activities to serving as liaison (ex officio) for the Association.
  7. Develop and cultivate working relationships with related professional and consumer organizations and national public and private agencies on behalf of the profession of audiology and in service of the needs of members.
  8. Write and submit articles and provide expertise on audiology issues for a variety of Association communication vehicles, such as the ASHA Practice Portal, The ASHA Leader, NSSLHA newsletter, ASHAsphere blog, and the Audiology Cluster's communication vehicles-Access Audiology (e-newsletter), Audiology Connections (print), Audiology Information Series (ASHA's newsletter for consumers), and the public and professional webpages on audiology, hearing, and balance.
  9. Serve as an expert resource and a representative of the Association in interviews with national and regional print, broadcast, and digital media on a variety of audiology topics.
  10. Provide clinical advice on a variety of topics to consumers through a variety of vehicles, such as individual contact (phone, e-mail, in person), exhibits, presentations, and newsletters.
  11. Serve as ex officio to assigned ASHA Special Interest Groups (SIGs), including managing and facilitating the work of the SIGs (e.g., publications, committees, member advisory groups, meetings, and projects) and integrating that work within Association and National Office activities and consistent with ASHA policies.
  12. Solicit and integrate the input of SIGs and other groups and individuals into the activities of the Audiology Professional Practices and other units as appropriate.


Knowledge Typically Acquired Through

  • Master's or doctorate in audiology
  • 5 years or more successful experience in the practice of audiology
  • Current CCC-A
  • Audiology leadership activities: in previous work settings, locally in the community, at the state or national level, or with related associations

Scope and Depth of Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated ability to use appropriate computer software and to learn new software as needed
  • Evidence of professional publications or presentations in the area of audiology
  • Knowledge of audiology and related professional issues, practices, resources
  • Willingness to learn new interview skills or improve existing skill

Scope and Depth of Non-Technical Skills/Knowledge

  • Facilitative interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to assist others individually and on teams
  • Ability to work independently
  • Ability to manage time effectively to complete multiple projects

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EOE/minorities, women, persons with disabilities, veterans with disabilities and Vietnam veterans are encouraged to apply.

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