Penny Stones Slumber Party Edition

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Penny Stones Slumber Party Edition

Give the gift of conversation!

Penny Stones ice breakers are a fun, new way for family and friends to connect. Glass stones are printed with engaging questions like:

What superpower would you like to have?
What would you love to try?
What cartoon would you like to be in?
What is the best trait of the person on your left?

Penny Stones ice breakers spark meaningful conversations, create lasting memories, and improve conversation skills. Made with busy schedules in mind, they can be played anywhere. And unlike questions printed on cards, these glass stones are a beautiful accessory for any setting or occasion.
The Slumber Party Version was created for children ages 6–17.

Perfect for: Slumber Parties, Birthday Presents, Summer Camp, BFFs (best friends forever), Team Building, and more!!


• 21 conversation starters
• One penny
• Instructions included

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Penny Stones are proudly made in Cleveland, Ohio, by people with disabilities.

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