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Pacific University - Audiology

Last Modified: 10/30/2017
College of Health Professions
School of Audiology
333 SE 7th Ave, Ste 4450
Hillsboro, OR 97123
Phone: (503) 352-2697
Fax: (503) 924-6704
E-mail Address:

CAA Accreditation Information


Clinical Entry-Level Doctoral Degree Audiology
CAA Accredited (clinical entry level AuD) (2017 - 2022)
Next Accreditation Review: August 2021


Clinical Entry Level Doctoral Degree in Audiology - Doctor of Audiology (AuD)


Administrative Location:
School of Audiology within College of Health Professions
Program Director:
Wendy D. Hanks, Ph.D.
Clinic Director:
Data not available.
Combined Degree Programs Offered:
Other: AuD/MHA
Entire Degree Offered Online:
Part-Time Enrollment:
The degree program does not accept part-time students.
Multicultural/Bilingual Emphasis:
No multicultural or bilingual emphasis
Study Abroad Opportunities:
Australia - National Acoustics Laboratory Belgium - Saint Augstinus Hospital, Antwerp University Research Center for Equilibrium and Aerospace Netherlands - Apeldoorn Dizziness Centre Scotland - NHS Lothian
Areas of Research:
Audiology/Hearing Science:
Audiologic assessment
Audiologic (re)habilitation
Electrophysiology (otoacoustic emissions, auditory, electrocochleography, intraoperative monitoring)
Institution Grants and Contract(s)
Federally funded research grant(s): 9
Total dollar amount: $1,708,549
Federally funded personnel preparation grant(s): 3
Total dollar amount: $835,997
State funded research grant(s): 0
Total dollar amount: $0
State funded personnel preparation grant(s): 0
Total dollar amount: $0
Postdoctoral Opportunities:
No postdoctoral opportunities
Specialty Tracks / Unique Features:
Block curriculum format Audiology simulation lab Three-year accelerated program Interprofessional education and healthcare delivery National and international placements available for internships and externship
Minority Serving Institution:
No Specific Department of Education Designation
NSSLHA Chapter:


Admission Contact:
Name: Kieran Bennett
E-Mail Address:
Application Deadline(s):
Application deadline for Fall admission: January 15
Application Process:
CSD Central Application Service (CSDCAS)
University hard copy application
Application Requirements:
Personal interview
Letters of recommendation: 3
Writing sample/essay: 3
Average GRE Score for Applicants Offered Admission:
Data not available.
GPA Range for Applicants Offered Admission:
3.0 - 4.0
Undergraduate Prerequisites Required:
Offer Prerequisite Courses:
Number of Applications Received:
Full-time Students: 113
Part-time Students: 0
Total: 113
Number of Admission Offers:
Full time: 53
Part time: 0
Total: 53
Number of Admission Offers with Funding:


Target Class Size:
First-Year Enrollment:
Full-time students: 26
Part-time students: 0
Total: 26
Total Graduate Enrollment:
Full-time students: 74
Part-time students: 0
Total: 74


Credit Hour Requirement:
Total semester credit hours: 121
Additional Requirements:
Capstone project
Comprehensive exam
Average Time to Degree (CED):
Total semesters: 9
Total Number of Degrees Granted:
Full time: 21
Part time: 0
Total: 21