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Auburn University, Montgomery

Last Modified: 10/30/2017
College of Arts & Sciences
Speech Pathology & Audiology
PO Box 244023
Montgomery, AL 36124-4023
Phone: (334)244-3408
Fax: (334)244-3906
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CAA Accreditation Information

Not Accredited

No degree programs at this institution are currently accredited by or in candidacy with the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA). Only master’s programs in speech-language pathology and entry-level clinical doctoral degree programs in audiology are eligible for CAA accreditation. Undergraduate degree programs or those leading to a clinical or research doctorate that are not considered entry-level are not eligible for CAA accreditation.


Undergraduate Degree - Bachelor of Science (BS)


Administrative Location:
Department of Communication Disorders
Combined Degree Programs Offered:
Entire Degree Offered Online:
Part-Time Enrollment:
The degree program does not accept part-time students.
Multicultural/Bilingual Emphasis:
No multicultural or bilingual emphasis
Study Abroad Opportunities:
The degree program does not offer study abroad opportunities.
Areas of Research:
Speech-Language Pathology/Speech and Language Science:
Auditory processing (Speech Language Pathology)
Language: normal processes, disorders
Speech: articulation, phonology
General to Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology:
Interprofessional Practice/Interprofessional Education
Institution Grants and Contract(s)
Data not available.
Postdoctoral Opportunities:
No postdoctoral opportunities
Specialty Tracks / Unique Features:
Data not available.
Minority Serving Institution:
No Specific Department of Education Designation
NSSLHA Chapter:


Application Process:
University hard copy application
Other: Application for Admission to Communication Disorders


Total Undergraduate Enrollment:


Total Number of Degrees Granted:
Full time: 10
Part time: 0
Total: 10