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New York Medical College

Last Modified: 10/29/2018
Speech-Language Pathology
7 Dana Road
Valhalla, NY 10595
Phone: (914)594-4239
Fax: (914)594-4853
E-mail Address:

CAA Accreditation Information


Master’s Degree in Speech Language Pathology
CAA Accredited (MS) (2012 - 2020)
Next Accreditation Review: February 2019


Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology - Master of Science (MS)


Administrative Location:
School of Health Sciences and Practice
Program Director:
Kate Franklin, Ph.D., CCC-SLP
Clinic Director:
Kathleen Kaiser, M.S., CCC-SLP
Combined Degree Programs Offered:
Entire Degree Offered Online:
Part-Time Enrollment:
The degree program does not accept part-time students.
Multicultural/Bilingual Emphasis:
Multicultural emphasis
Study Abroad Opportunities:
Puerto Rico (US Territory) Students have the opportunity to register for a 1-credit elective - Overseas Experience. The overseas program is a collaboration between New York Medical College (NYMC) and the Universidad del Turabo (UT). Medical SLP is not well-developed in Puerto Rico. This collaboration allow us to expose NYMC to variables of culture, language and program development and UT students to current practice patterns and introduce assessment tools not regularly available in Puerto Rico.
Areas of Research:
Speech-Language Pathology/Speech and Language Science:
Augmentative/alternative communication
Language: typical development, normal processes, disorders
Speech production: articulation, phonology
Voice: normal processes, disorders
Cognitive communication (e.g., dementia, traumatic brain injury)
Institution Grants and Contract(s)
No federal or state funded grants and contracts
Postdoctoral Opportunities:
No postdoctoral opportunities
Specialty Tracks / Unique Features:
1. Specialized diagnostic practica in acute care setting; 2. External rotation in healthcare settings (i.e., acute care, subacute care, rehabilitation settings) 3. Modular external rotation in healthcare settings to gain specific experiences in adult/pediatric dysphagia; critical care trachs, vents; AAC; audiology; inpatient behavioral health 4. Opportunity for placement with bilingual emphasis
Minority Serving Institution:
No Specific Department of Education Designation
NSSLHA Chapter:


Admission Contact:
Email Address:
Application Deadline(s):
Application deadline for Fall admission: January 15
Application Process:
CSD Central Application Service (CSDCAS)
Application Requirements:
Graduate Record Examination (GRE) score
Personal interview
Letters of recommendation: 3
Writing sample/essay: 2
Average GRE Score for Applicants Offered Admission:
Verbal reasoning: 152.25
Quantitative reasoning: 149.31
Analytical writing: 4.24
GPA Range for Applicants Offered Admission:
Undergraduate Prerequisites Required:
Offer Prerequisite Courses:
Number of Applications Received:
Full-time Students: 234
Part-time Students: 0
Total: 234
Number of Admission Offers:
Full time: 154
Part time: 0
Total: 154
Number of Admission Offers with Funding:


Target Class Size:
First-Year Enrollment:
Full-time students: 39
Part-time students: 0
Total: 39
Total Graduate Enrollment:
Full-time students: 70
Part-time students: 0
Total: 70


Credit Hour Requirement:
Total semester credit hours: 70
Additional Requirements:
Comprehensive exam
Average Time to Degree (CED):
Total semesters: 5
Total Number of Degrees Granted:
Full time: 31
Part time: 0
Total: 31