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CAA Accreditation Information

Not Accredited
No degree programs at this institution are currently accredited by or in candidacy with the Council on Academic Accreditation in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology (CAA). Only master’s programs in speech-language pathology and entry-level clinical doctoral degree programs in audiology are eligible for CAA accreditation. Undergraduate degree programs or those leading to a clinical or research doctorate that are not considered entry-level are not eligible for CAA accreditation.


Undergraduate Degree - Bachelor of Science (BS)


Administrative Location:
College of Nursing and Allied Health
Combined Degree Programs Offered:
Distance Education Availability:
Degree program does not offer a distance education option.
Part-time Enrollment:
Multicultural/Bilingual Emphasis:
The program does not offer a multicultural or bilingual emphasis.
Study Abroad Opportunities:
The degree program does not offer study abroad opportunities.
Areas of Research:
Speech-Language Pathology/Speech and Language Science
Institution Grants and Contract(s)
No federal or state funded grants and contracts
Postdoctoral Opportunities:
No postdoctoral opportunities
Specialty Tracks / Unique Features:
1. Two semesters of supervised clinical practicums which typically afford experience with 5 clients in Jo Carol Nolen Clinic (university-based) and/or local charter schools. As available, some students are placed in externships in the Terrebonne Parish Schools. 2. Clinical orientation course meets ASHA requirements for 25 hours of diverse observation (via video, on campus and off campus experiences) with clinical mentoring and course work to prepare for first practicum the following semester. 3. Degree program affords strong COMD academic preparation including COMD foundation (i.e. Introduction to COMD, Phonetics, Language Acquisition, & Acoustics), and COMD theoretical (i.e. Articulation/Phonology, Introduction to Audiology, Language Impairment, Voice, Fluency, Hearing Testing, Aural Rehabilitation, Diagnostic Techniques, Treatment Methods, & Neuroscience for COMD). 4. Highly experienced faculty (each over 15 years in field) with small graduating classes (i.e. approximately 20
Minority Serving Institution:
Data not available.
NSSLHA Chapter:


Application Process:
University hard copy application


Total Undergraduate Enrollment:


Total Number of Degrees Granted:
Full time: 21
Part time: 0
Total: 21

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