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Advocacy Resource Guide for the Salary Supplement Initiative

Your Source for Advocating at the Local and State Level


Since 2000, members across the country have used the State Advocacy Guidebook for the Salary Supplement Initiative to advocate for salary supplements through state legislation and regulation and local district initiatives. Successful advocacy efforts have resulted in employers rewarding members with salary supplements for the following:

  • Obtaining and maintaining an advanced credential (ASHA's CCC)
  • As additional pay for increased work due to Medicaid billing/paperwork requirements
  • As a tool to recruit and retain highly qualified speech-language pathologists and audiologists

The purpose of this resource is to help you become a knowledgeable and empowered advocate for yourself, the professions and the children and families that we serve. Revised as a web-based document, you are able to select only the sections you choose. We hope that the updated information that you find in this guide will be relevant and useful to you in your efforts to advocate for a salary supplement initiative.

Janet Deppe, MS, CCC-SLP
Director, State Advocacy

ASHA Corporate Partners