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Frequently Asked Questions About the Subaru VIP Program

What is the VIP Partners Program?

The VIP Partners Program is a Subaru of America, Inc. (SOA) corporate program that allows eligible members of ASHA to purchase or lease new Subaru vehicles through a dealership at a no-haggle price of dealer invoice cost.

How does the VIP Program work?

To participate in the VIP Program, an ASHA member must request a dealer visit authorization form PRIOR to CONTACTING any dealer. Failure to do so could effect your eligibility for the program. To request a form, contact ASHA at 800-498-2071, ext. 8684. ASHA will then forward the information to Subaru headquarters for processing. Within 48 hours, the VIP dealer visit authorization form will be mailed directly to the approved member. The form will include the dealership name, telephone number and contact person. A copy of the VIP form will also be faxed to the participating dealer. The form alerts the dealership that the ASHA member is entitled to VIP pricing and is good for 45 days. After 45 days, simply call ASHA to renew your registration. Once enrolled in the program, the member is under no obligation to purchase the vehicle.

Who is eligible to participate in the VIP Program?

All VIP customers must be active members of ASHA or NSSLHA for a minimum of 6 months. The member's spouse/domestic partner residing in the same household is also eligible for VIP pricing (address verification required). Unfortunately, ASHA members who wish to purchase a car in Hawaii or in locations outside of the United States, are not eligible for the deal. The VIP Partners Program offer is non-transferable and does not extend to additional relatives of the member, such as parents, siblings, children, etc.

Are used Subarus also included in the VIP Program?

No. The VIP program only applies to new vehicles. New Subaru vehicles are those never titled, not previously reported sold and generally have less than 100 miles.

Can I visit more than one dealer?

Under the VIP Program, pricing from dealer to dealer is standardized at 2% below dealer invoice, so there is no need to shop around - just choose the participating dealer that is most convenient for servicing.

Will I be able to purchase accessories at 2% below dealer invoice price?

For accessories that are factory-installed on the vehicle, the price would be 2% below dealer invoice. The dealer will determine the price of any accessories that are added after the vehicle has arrived at the dealership, as the dealer will incur labor costs to install such accessories.

Can I lease a new Subaru under the VIP program?

Yes, the capitalization cost of the vehicle on the lease will be 2% below dealer invoice. Leases can be structured for our VIP customers with an acceptable credit history with a zero down payment. However, a security deposit and first month's payment are required.

Will dealers accept my current vehicle as a trade in under the VIP program?

Yes, most dealers will accept trade-ins. The participating dealer determines the value of the trade. Because you are purchasing a new vehicle at dealer cost, you should expect no more than a wholesale offer for your trade. Customers with trades should consider the benefit of selling their trade-in privately.

Does Subaru offer environmentally friendly vehicles?

Yes. Subaru offers the most fuel efficient All-Wheel Drive vehicle lineup in America. Subaru also offers a certified Partial Zero Emissions Vehicle (PZEV) line of Legacy, Outback, and Forester models. PZEV vehicles meet California's Super-Ultra-Low-Emission Vehicle exhaust emission standard, and Subaru's line of PZEV vehicles have 90% cleaner emissions than the average new vehicle. Their PZEV emissions standards sometimes have even lower emissions than hybrid or alternative fuel vehicles. For references and more information, visit Subaru and the environment.

What is Subaru doing to help the environment?

In addition to its PZEV vehicle line, Subaru has a number of initiatives designed to safeguard our natural environment. For instance, the Subaru plant in Lafayette, Indiana is the first auto assembly plant to achieve zero landfill status-nothing from its manufacturing efforts goes into a landfill; it's all reused and recycled. In addition, the facility became the first U.S. automotive assembly plant to be designated a wildlife habitat. Deer, coyotes, beavers, blue herons, geese, and other animals live there in peaceful coexistence with the Subaru plant.

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