Continuing Education Resources

Additional Copies of the Continuing Education Board Manual

Additional copies of the Continuing Education Board Manual are available as the following options:

  • Download the most recent version of the CEB manual to your computer.
  • Contact your provider manager to order a print version of the CEB manual ($45). It comes in a 3-ring binder.

CE Provider Brand Block

CE Promotional Sentence

This program is offered for ____ CEUs (_____ level; _____ area).

Learning Outcomes

Information on developing learning outcomes that are measurable and observable.

Types of Learning Experiences

A list of learning experiences to be used when completing the Course and Offering Registration Form.

Tool For Calculating CEB Deadlines

Instructions for using the Date Forecaster, a tool to calculate registration and reporting deadlines for courses offered for ASHA CEUs ( Contact your provider manager if you did not receive a Date Forecaster and would like one.)

Certificate of Attendance

If you find it necessary to provide certificates of attendance [PDF], here is the CEB's suggested language. Keep in mind, ASHA's CEB is the only entity that can award ASHA CEUs. For this reason, ASHA Approved CE Providers must use caution when distributing certificates of attendance. The wording on the certificate of attendance must clearly state that the certificate itself does not convey ASHA CEUs.

Cross Discipline Training

Educating Other Professionals About What Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Do provides guidance on what content is appropriate for multidisciplinary training. ASHA Approved CE Providers should carefully evaluate whether the course's intended audience has the prerequisite education and background to successfully implement the techniques or procedures to be presented.

Professional Certification vs. Certificate Program

Links to an explanation of the differences between professional certification vs. CE programs that offer certificates in specialized techniques or procedures.

ASHA Journals

ASHA members have access to the archived full-journal content of ASHA's journals.

ASHA Practice Policy Documents

ASHA Practice Policy has the most up-to-date version of ASHA's practice scope and patterns, position statements, practice guidelines, definitions, technical reports, etc.

The ASHA Audiology section is filled with updates, events, links to help you with your practice, setting-specific content and much more. (Access is restricted to ASHA members.)

Continuing Education Fee Schedule

Current Fee schedule associated with ASHA approved CE Provider status.

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