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Recruiting and Retaining Qualified SLPs

Solutions for School ShortagesSolutions for School Shortages

This site brings together valuable information about recruitment and retention of qualified speech-language pathologists in the public schools. Whether you are an administrator looking for creative solutions for ongoing vacancies or an SLP looking for new opportunities, this site can help. Just click to find data, reports, successful models, and resources to recruit and retain qualified SLPs in school settings.


Recruiting and Retaining Qualified SLPs in the Schools

ASHA survey data and background information from other reports point to the negative consequences of persistent vacancies in school settings on the students served and the profession of speech-language pathology.


Barriers to attracting and retaining qualified SLPs into the profession have been documented by ASHA surveys and many other sources outside the profession. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Improvement Act (IDEA 04) resulted in important changes that may affect the personnel qualifications for SLPs in school settings. These changes may influence how states and districts manage personnel shortages in their schools.


How do we recruit and retain a sufficient number of highly qualified SLPs to work in the nation's most precious enterprise, our public schools? Learn about strategies being used in general and special education settings which are helping to alleviate the problem.


Initiatives are underway to increase the supply of qualified SLPs by offering financial incentives or workload management strategies to attract school-based SLPs. Find strategies some old and some new. Model urban and rural strategies are included.


ASHA has a collection of resources to help you get started. Links to ASHA's Online Career Center, success stories, career information and options, mentorship programs and related sites can be found here.

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