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During this year's Better Hearing and Speech Month, the audiologists and pediatric speech-language pathologists at the Speech and Hearing Center of The Reading Hospital and Medical Center planned an informational and free hearing screening day for all hospital employees on May 24. We had a very successful day. Listed below are some of the things we did.

  • hall displays (banner, staff pictures, handing out informational material)
  • central table display
  • tray placemats
  • table tents
  • handouts
  • free hearing screening for interested employees of The Reading Hospital and Medical Center

Advance notification of time and place of free employee hearing screenings:

  • News Around the Clock, employee newspaper
  • hospital homepage on website
  • table tents in cafeteria

Day of service notifications for hearing screenings:

  • placemats on lunch trays
  • handout sheets for those getting to-go lunches

Hearing and Speech Infomational Material

  • Better Hearing and Speech Month banner in cafeteria hall
  • Speech and Hearing Center staff photos on cafeteria hall display board
  • poster of speech-language developmental milestones
  • Stand up displays of:
    • Anatomy of the Ear
    • Sounds that damage hearing
    • Thermometer of noise levels of environmental sounds
  • 3' x 5' foam-board displays at cafeteria entrance:
    • hearing aids (plus actual models)
    • cochlear implants (plus actual models)
    • pediatric speech therapy and how parents can help
  • TV with continuous running of "Speech, Language and Hearing Milestones: Birth to Age Five" DVD
  • Cafeteria table tents
    • describing disorders for which speech-language pathologists provide evaluation and treatment
    • listing the number of individuals with speech/language disorders
    • listing of signs that suggest hearing loss
  • Handouts
    • ways to tell if you possibly have a hearing loss
    • foam ear protectors to prevent noise-induced hearing loss attached to educational information
  • Brochures
    • Your Hearing Illuminated
    • Open the Door to a New World of Better Hearing
    • Moving Forward to Better Hearing—Choosing the Right Hearing Solution
    • How Does Your Child Hear and Talk?
  • Pens with department name and phone number
  • Hershey Kisses attached to paper with this year's Better Hearing and Speech month motto "Helping People Communicate"
  • Staff (audiologists & speech-language pathologists) available at central display table at all times to answer questions

Submitted by: Elca Swigart, PhD, director, Speech and Hearing Center

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