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BHSM Stories: Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Association of California State University

Northridge, California

To help promote Better Hearing and Speech Month (BHSM), the Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Association of California State University Northridge has done several outreach activities. We presented information about our professions and the academic curriculum to students at Chatsworth High School's Medical Academy (Los Angeles Unified School District) to encourage careers in speech-language pathology and audiology. In our talks, done with the help of the CSUN NSSHLA chapter, we also reminded these young adults about the importance of quality earphones. We ordered color brochures/handouts from ASHA (at no cost) which were really helpful. The Lead teacher has already mentioned that some of the at-risk youth are working harder than ever because they are excited about pursuing this allied health career field. For professional development, we held a successful Continuing Education seminar about using Technology in Speech Therapy and reminded attendees about BHSM to promote our profession and treatment. We sent out e-mails to over 2,000 alumni and associates to remind them about BHSM and added the ASHA link for ideas. We also have an Alum Chum Mentor-Mentee program partnering graduate students with alumni and encouraged spreading the word about BHSM. Lastly, we have an active website where we promote BHSM ideas, job postings, and have an "Alumni Spotlight" recognizing SLPs and audiologists who have done outstanding work in our field.

Submitted by:
Felicia Conlan, SLP
President, CSUN Communication Disorders and Sciences Alumni Association (CDSAA)   

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