BHSM Stories: Catskill Elementary School

Catskill, New York

Catskill Elementary school - 2Here at Catskill Elementary school in Catskill, New York, we create a dynamic display each year in one of our large display cases in our entry foyer. We have a different theme every five years.

Our first theme consisted of 9 flower pots arranged within the display cases on shelves and on each flower pot was a short description of the areas of communication an SLP addresses (ex. articulation, voice, receptive language, expressive language...).

Our next display was a giant audiology chart listing decibel increments. The chart was in red (sounds that are dangerous for your hearing), yellow (sounds with which to use caution during exposure) and green (sounds that are safe for your ears). In each section were pictures of various activities and the decibel exposure they create. Explanations of what the chart represented were next to the chart and a model of the ear as well ear facts and hearing tips were placed throughout.

Catskill Elementary school - 1The following year we create a giant "calendar" on which is a daily speech and language fact. Facts ranging to "what is a uvula?" to appropriate personal space distance when speaking.

The next year we had 3 large, standing drawings of children (about 3 feet in height) each with a statement about pragmatics. Various pragmatic tips and information were also placed throughout the case.

Our last display consisted of an anatomy lesson. Large pictures of the brain, mouth, and ear were created and colored. Various sections were labeled on each to teach the students the anatomy of these body parts.

Lastly, we place handouts with related information and activities around the display for easy access and sharing of the information with adults, children and teachers.

These displays are seen by all students each day coming to and from lunch and specials. Also, kindergarten screenings occur during the month of May, so parents of incoming kindergarten students also get to see and learn from these displays. We make sure to create colorful, eye catching displays to ensure the information presented is noticed and viewed!

Submitted by:
Linda Van Hoesen, MS, CCC-SLP

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