Selected ASHA Resources for Educational Audiologists

Below is a compilation of ASHA web resources of interest to educational audiologists. This information was shared at the June 2013 EAA summer conference.


Guidelines for Audiology Service Provision in and for Schools


2014 Schools Survey Summary Report: Educational Audiologists [PDF]

Schools Survey 2014: Trends in Educational Audiology 2010–2014 [PDF]

ASHA State Trends Information

State Hearing Screening Requirements [PDF]

State Licensure Trends and Quarterly Updates

State Teacher Requirements Licensing Trends—Audiology [PDF]

Support Personnel Requirements in School Settings [PDF]

ASHA School Funding Pages

Advocacy and School Finance PowerPoint Module

Early Intervening Services: Funding Implications for Audiologists [PDF]

Medicaid Coverage of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists

School Funding Advocacy

School-Based Medicaid Services: Audiology

ASHA Reimbursement Resources

Billing and Reimbursement

Coding for Reimbursement

Coding for Reimbursement Frequently Asked Questions: Audiology

CPT Coding for Otoacoustic Emissions: Frequently Asked Questions

ICD-10-CM Preparation Checklist

ASHA IDEA Part B and C Resources

ASHA Analysis of the 2011 IDEA Part C Final Regulations [PDF]

Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Resources

IDEA '04 Assistive Technology Definition Revision

ASHA's IDEA website

IDEA Issue Brief: Cochlear Implants

IDEA Part C Issue Brief: Implications for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists Who Provide Services for Infants and Toddlers With Hearing Loss and Their Families

ASHA Web Resources for Educational Audiologists

Classroom Acoustics Resources

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Students With Hearing Loss: Important Role for Educational Audiologists

Listen to Your Buds

Practice Portal (Childhood Hearing Screening, Permanent Childhood Hearing Loss, Classroom Acoustics)

School Setting Resources for Audiologists

Articles in The ASHA Leader

ASHA Partners With Educational Audiology Association

Educational Audiologists Enhance Access to Communication

Ask Not What Your Educational Audiologist Can Do For You

Overheard: Listen Up, Class

Patient Handouts

Identifying and Managing Hearing Loss in School-Age Children [PDF]

Identifying and Managing Hearing Loss in School-Age Children (Spanish) [PDF]

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