An Associate's Guide to ASHA's Website

Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Online Experience as an ASHA Associate

Congratulations on your smart decision to join ASHA as an Associate and gain access to, ASHA's dynamic and comprehensive website. We're eager for you to discover the wealth of information and professional resources available on the site.

Listed below are links to important web pages for speech-language pathology assistants (SLPAs) and audiology assistants (AAs), both in our public and members-only sections of

Information for Assistants

Associates Center
This is your "one stop shop" for everything related to the Associates Program. Here you will find a program overview, educational resources, news, contact information and much more information about the Associates Program!

Information for Speech-Language Pathologists

Visit the speech-language pathology home page for links to work-setting resources, publication resources, speech-language pathology practice management issues, practice policies, and opportunities for networking.

Clinical Topics & Disorders in Speech-Language Pathology
Explore topics such as aphasia, dementia, dysphasia, autism, and early intervention on this comprehensive page of clinical topics and disorders.

Work Setting Resources
Go to this section of the website to find information about the primary settings in which SLPs provide services, including early intervention, neonatal intensive care units, private practice, schools, and telepractice.

SLPs in Health Care
Learn more about working in health care, including professional issues and setting-specific information (pediatrics, acute care, long-term care, rehabilitation, and home care).

School Setting
Visit the schools page to learn more about practice and policy issues surrounding school-based practice.

Information for Audiologists

Visit audiology's home page for links to work-setting resources, frequently asked questions, coding and reimbursement information, audiology practice management issues, practice policies, and opportunities for networking.

Audiology Connections [PDF]
This annual magazine provides updates on all of ASHA's current activities that support audiologists.

ASHA Access Audiology
A clinical electronic newsletter published every other month. You can subscribe and read past articles on ASHA's website.

The ASHA Audiology Survey
Summarizes all that ASHA has learned in its biennial survey of 4,000 audiology members about trends in the profession, salaries, and the valuable resources ASHA provides. Data come from information from members, so be sure to complete ASHA surveys when you're selected to be in the sample!

Members and Affiliates-Only Content

ASHA Policy Documents
ASHA's Practice Policy documents, along with other cardinal documents of the Association, are written for and by ASHA members to promote best practices and standards in the professions of audiology and speech-language pathology.

ASHA Journals
ASHA provides members unlimited online access to its four scholarly journals: American Journal of Audiology, American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, Journal of Speech, Language, and Hearing Research, and Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools. Access includes all current content as well as a complete archive of each journal (all the way to 1936).

Information About Graduate Programs and Careers in Academia

Planning Your Education in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD)
Learn about the educational requirements of a career in CSD.

ASHA Award Programs
ASHA has numerous award programs to foster leadership and promote careers in academia and research. They are available to undergraduate, master's, AuD, and PhD students enrolled in CSD programs, to postdoctoral fellows, and to new faculty.

EDFIND is ASHA's online academic program search engine that will help you search for an academic program that meets your needs in CSD. Best of all, EDFIND gives you academic program information provided by academic programs directly via the Higher Education Data System (HES) Graduate Guide Survey.

Considering and Preparing for a PhD
Learn more about the variety of available opportunities, get a sense of what is required to earn a PhD, and become aware of the resources and help available when you pursue a doctoral degree in CSD.

Praxis Exam
The Praxis Examinations in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology are integral components of ASHA's certification standards. The development of the exams is commissioned by ASHA and facilitated by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to provide a system of thorough, fair, and carefully validated assessments.

Researcher Tools
Check out resources on preparing grant applications, ethics in research and professional practice, evidence-based practice, preparing scientific presentations, and publishing your research, as well as statistical resources.

Grants and Funding
All there is to know about financial assistance, loans, scholarships, awards, or grants in CSD.

Curriculum Resources for Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists
These e-Curriculum resource packets were developed with faculty in mind, but students can benefit from them as well. Each packet includes selected topic-related policy documents, publications, and additional resources with infused content related to ethics, cultural competence, evidence-based practice, research, reimbursement, marketing, professional development, and consumer education.

Information for All

Membership, Special Interest Groups, and Affiliates
Everything you need to know about ASHA member benefits, Special Interest Groups, and getting involved in the activities of the Association. Search the ASHA Membership Directory. Check out a guide to providers of professional products and services. Read some of our members' comments in our online forums, as well on ASHA's Facebook and Twitter pages.

Everything you need to know about becoming a certified audiology or speech-language pathology professional including certification benefits, clinical fellowships, and how to apply. Please note: ASHA Certification is not offered for speech-language pathology assistants or audiology assistants.

Ethics: Documentation & Issues
Learn about ASHA's professional code of ethics and ethical issues in the practice of the professions.

Multicultural Affairs and Resources
The Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) addresses cultural and linguistic diversity issues related to professionals and persons with communication disorders and differences. Contact the staff of OMA at Multicultural resources on cultural competence, research on multicultural issues, and help for non–English speakers with communication disorders can also be found here.

ASHA Corporate Partners