Individual Growth and Development Indicators-Early Literacy (IGDIs-EL)

Author(s):S. R. McConnell, M. A. McEvoy, J. S. Priest, & K. M. Missall
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Early Childhood Research Institute on Measuring Growth and Development . Individual Growth and Development Indicators for Preschool Children. Minneapolis: Center for Early Education and Development, University of Minnesota.
Age Range:Birth through 3 years
Administration Time:1-2 minutes each
Language(s):English, Spanish
Computerized Scoring:Yes
Description:A Web-based tool for downloading assessment materials and stimulus items, and for managing child data. IGDIs are performance measures designed to reflect individual children's progress toward outcomes in the areas of communication, movement/motor, social competency, problem solving, and parent-child interaction. IGDIs display an individual growth trend over time compared to normative growth. They are standardized and replicable so that the data from separate administrations are comparable.

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