Test of Early Language Development, Third Edition (TELD-3)

Author(s):Wayne P. Hresko, D. Kim Reid, and Donald D. Hammill
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Age Range:2;0–7;11 (years; months)
Administration Time:15–45 minutes
Computerized Scoring:No
Description:The TELD-3 offers an effective screener to help identify children who are experiencing language delays or difficulties and may be candidates for early intervention. In addition to an overall Spoken Language score, the TELD-3 yields scores for Receptive Language and Expressive Language subtests to enable finer discrimination in evaluating results. The detailed information provided by the TELD-3 can help clinicians develop appropriate intervention plans and identify children who may require more extensive clinical appraisal. This brief test also is well-suited for monitoring progress over time.

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