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Advocacy in Action: A State Model for Change

This resource was developed to assist state speech-language-hearing associations interested in engaging in state-level advocacy efforts to create an effective state advocacy program. The purpose of Advocacy in Action: A State Model for Change [PDF] is to provide a template outlining a state advocacy model and includes sample advocacy tools in the appendices.

The Seven Steps For Success

  • Step 1: Analyzing a State's Potential for Advocacy Success
  • Step 2: Developing a State Action Plan
  • Step 3: Developing Roles for Advocacy Partners
  • Step 4: Establishing a Grassroots Network
  • Step 5: Creating a Media Plan
  • Step 6: Developing Communication Strategies Between Advocacy Partners
  • Step 7: Considering Key Strategies From Targeted States

The examples included in this resource are education related but the state advocacy model can be adapted for other state level issues and elements can be modified for use at the local level. We suggest using this template as a companion to other ASHA resources that have been developed to assist ASHA members with state or local advocacy efforts.

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