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Observers at CAA Meetings

CAA meetings, except for executive sessions as designated by the Council, are open to individuals as observers by submitting a request to the Council Chair prior to one of its regularly scheduled meetings.

An observer may address the CAA or obtain the privilege of participation without vote at one of its regularly scheduled meetings, only by prior invitation of the chair.  To request an invitation, the following procedures shall apply.

  • The request must be made in writing to the Chair of the CAA no later than 30 days before the scheduled meeting and must indicate the specific issue to be discussed with the CAA. The Chair will forward the request to the CAA Executive Committee for review.
  • If the Executive Committee determines that the issue requested falls within the purview and authority of the CAA, the request will be approved.  The CAA Chair will so notify the individual at least 15 days before the scheduled meeting and will indicate the length of time that (s)he will be permitted to  address the council.
  • If the issue is not within the purview of the CAA, the individual will be so notified within 15 days and referred to the appropriate ASHA entity for consideration.

Because CAA discussions regarding the accreditation status of any education program are conducted in executive session, participation in those sessions by a representative from any program under consideration will be only at the request of the CAA.  Regardless of whether a program representative is present for any discussions with the CAA, the Council will follow all published policies and procedures for notifying programs of accreditation decisions.

Any costs associated with attending the CAA meeting will be borne by the requesting individual.

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