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Updates to CAA Policy and Procedures 

Note: Accreditation Handbook chapters are noted in parentheses ( ) when appropriate.

  • Site Visitor Training Expectations (Chapter VII)—updated February 2015
  • Changes in Institutional Accreditation Status (Chapter XI)—updated February 2015
  • Substantive Change Plan (Chapter XI)—updated February 2015
  • Complaint Procedures (Chapter XIII)—updated February 2015 
  • Public Notice of Accreditation Status policy (Chapter XII)—updated February 2015
  • Site Visit Cancellation (Chapter XVIX)—updated February 2015
  • New Site Visitor Category: clinical faculty (Chapter VII)—effective 2015
  • CAA Member Composition (Chapter V)—updated July 2014
  • Public Notice of Accreditation Actions policy (Chapter XII)—updated July 2014
  • Revised Standards for Accreditation—effective January 1, 2014

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