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HES Starter Kit: Collecting and Entering Data

HES Starter Kit

What should be collected to enter data?

Institutions should be prepared to provide program data in the following areas:

  • program characteristics
  • application
  • admissions
  • enrollment
  • time to degree
  • graduation
  • first employment
  • faculty
  • funding

When and how is data entered?

Annual schedules are posted on the ASHA website, as well as in the Higher Education Data System (HES). Data may only be entered during the open period, typically September through December. Only authorized users may enter data, save, and return to complete any remaining questions during the open period.

How can I determine progress toward completing the survey?

The CSD Education Survey includes several means by which to determine the completion status of a survey

  • A status bar displays the percentage complete.
  • A status page identifies and hyperlinks to incomplete sections.
  • A navigation tree with colored check marks indicates progress.
    • red = not started
    • yellow = in progress
    • green = completed section/question

What is the difference between "save" and "submit?"

The "save" function is to save question responses to return at a later date to modify and/or complete the survey.

The "submit" function is the final step in completing the survey or report and can only be activated by the authorized program director once the status bar reaches 100% completion. The submission signifies that the program director has verified that the information provided is complete and accurate.

What if the program director does not submit the survey and reports?

Access to reliable and robust data reports depends on all academic programs contributing their information. If the Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) Education Survey is not submitted, the institutions degree program information may not be reflected in EdFind and data will not be included in national aggregate and individual state data reports that are typically published in the summer.

To maintain accreditation, programs are required to complete the Council on Academic Accreditation (CAA) application and report or the program's accreditation status could be jeopardized.

How can I see what I have submitted?

Once the program director submits the completed CSD Education Survey, the data will be visible in EdFind. Additionally, programs can print a copy of the CSD Education Survey prior to (blank), during (partial completion), or the fully completed survey after submission.

For CAA reports, a confirmation report will be generated as a PDF file and accessible through the Higher Education Data System (HES) under "My Account" on the ASHA website. The confirmation report is a record of what the program submits.

What if a response or change of contact information is needed after the close date?

Critical changes to information or revisions to the program's profile should be directed to the HES Manager at for consideration.


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