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HES Starter Kit: Access

HES Starter Kit

Each program director receives an e-mail from asking for identification of the authorized program directors and faculty/staff who will assist with completion of the survey and reports on behalf of the institution’s program(s). Once these individuals are identified, the HES Manager will authorize access to the system.

Who is responsible for program data?

Program directors have full responsibility to update and maintain the currency and accuracy of the data reported about their institution's programs through the HES. Program directors are required to e-mail critical program changes or updates to the HES Manager at For HES changes related to CAA reporting, program directors should e-mail

Who has access to the HES?

  1. Program director or chair:
    • receives notifications and updates
    • identifies faculty/staff to assist with data entry
    • updates the program's profile to ensure all degree programs offered are included
    • reviews program's data to ensure accuracy
    • submits completed surveys and reports by the designated deadline
    • notifies the HES Manager ( of critical program changes or updates
  2. Program faculty/staff:
    • receives notifications and updates related to survey and report completion
    • assists with data entry by responding to questions and/or updating program information as assigned by the program director or chair

How do authorized users access the HES?

Although you do not have to be an ASHA member, certificate holder, or affiliate to access the HES, you must be a registered ASHA website user.

  1. Select "My Account" located on the top right corner of any ASHA webpage
  2. Enter your ASHA login and password (if you have no login or password, register with our website)
  3. Select "CAA Reports" or "CSD Education Survey" under the Higher Education Data System (HES) sub-header to view the surveys and reports available, the time frame in which they are due, and the status of an open survey or report

What technology is needed to access the HES?

The HES is Web-based and requires a computer with Internet access. The recommended browsers are Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher and Google Chrome. Although the applications within the HES work well through 56KB modems, faster connection speeds (broadband) increase the efficiency. ASHA recommends having cookies enabled when using the ASHA website and JavaScript enabled for the HES application in particular. Please note that, while the HES may run on mobile devices, it has not been tested.

Who can answer questions?

Contact the HES Manager at for questions related to the CSD Education Survey or for questions related to CAA annual reporting.

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