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Academic Program Capacity Building in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology

Information and Resources That May Facilitate Increases in Enrollment Capacity

This resource addresses student enrollment, only one of the multiple challenges inherent in successfully building and maintaining sufficient capacity to meet current and projected demand for the professions. It was developed primarily to support academic programs in their efforts to build graduate education enrollment for the professional pipeline and features both current trends and successful strategies for capacity building.

Table of Contents


Efforts to develop this resource were undertaken as part of ASHA's Strategic Pathway to Excellence Strategic Objective 4: Increase the Number, Diversity, and Cultural Competence of the Membership; and Strategic Initiative 2: Develop and Disseminate Information and Resources to Academic Programs That May Facilitate Increases in Enrollment Capacity.

Team Members

Loretta Nunez, Director of Academic Affairs (team leader)
Eileen Crowe, Director, State Association Relations
Tess Kirsch, Associate Director of Accreditation for Policy & Education
Silvia Quevedo, Associate Director of Academic Affairs
Neil Snyder, Director of Federal Advocacy

ASHA Corporate Partners