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Research Mentoring-Pair Travel Award Application Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions

Application Instructions

It is the protégé's responsibility to ensure all protégé and mentor steps are completed and to submit the entire application package by 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time, Tuesday, July 1, 2014.

Protégés Steps

  • Initiate and complete the protégé application form in the online application system (opening May 1).
  • Upload the following 3 documents in PDF format:
  1. protégé's curriculum vitae, resume or narrative biographical sketch detailing educational, clinical, and research experiences
  2. 1,000-word essay stating current research interests and activities, how attendance at this meeting could serve to enhance personal research career goals, and why this mentor-protégé team is an appropriate match and will facilitate the goals of the protégé
  3. mentoring plan outlining the mentor-protégé relationship both during and after the Symposium
  • Grant their mentor access to their application in the online system.
  • Ensure that their mentor has completed and uploaded the materials listed under Mentor Steps below:

Mentor Steps

  • Login to the online application system (opening May 1) and complete the mentor application form.
  • Upload the following 2 documents in PDF format:
  1. mentor's current curriculum vitae
  2. letter of support that includes statements on the following
  • Acknowledgement and agreement to the mentoring plan.
  • Awareness of the protégé's interests, needs, and goals relative to the mentoring plan.
  • Ability to provide advice, counsel, etc. specified in the mentoring plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Research Mentoring-Pair Travel Award funds be used?

Examples of appropriate uses of funds include:

  • Costs incurred traveling to the Convention (airline ticket, bus fare, taxi fare, etc.)
  • Meals
  • Various other expenses related to the Annual Convention

Please note: the stipend provided by the travel award is meant to help defray the cost of attending the Symposium; it is not meant to cover all expenses associated with travel to the Convention.

Can I apply for the award if I have already received funding from another source?

An individual who has received other ASHA travel awards is also eligible to apply for the RMPTA.

Who can I apply with as my mentor? Does he or she have to be someone at my university, or may they be based elsewhere?

Protégés are able to pick a mentor of their choice; however, mentors are required to be seasoned investigators in either an academic, clinical, or research environment.

What will the award application review process entail?

The Research Mentoring-Pair Travel Awards will be made based on a competitive application process. Following the submission deadline, all applications will be sent to a group of designated reviewers. Selections will be based on reviewers' assessments of the following documents:

  • Biographical sketch
  • 1,000-word essay
  • Mentor's outlined plan to extend the mentoring relationship beyond the Symposium
  • Letter of support from the mentor

Reviewers' comments on the applications will also be considered. Special consideration will be given to individuals whose research or research interests are (a) relevant to the Symposium topic, (b) interdisciplinary and/or translational in nature, or (c) related to issues of cultural or linguistic diversity. Applicants will be notified of the status of their application in August.

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