Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts (WABC)

Author(s):Elisabeth Wiig
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Super Duper Publications
Age Range:2;6-7;11 (years; months)
Administration Time:10–15 minutes
Language(s):English, Spanish
Computerized Scoring:Yes
Description:The Wiig Assessment of Basic Concepts (WABC) is a norm-referenced assessment that evaluates a child's understanding and use of basic concepts. There is no easel. Instead, the test presents an interactive storybook format. The WABC embeds concept pairs or related words in colorfully illustrated scenes. Instead of presenting each concept as an unrelated single word, the WABC assesses one of the concepts in a pair receptively ("Which bear is big?" Child points to big bear) and the other expressively ("You showed me big. This bear is..." Child says, "little."). The WABC contains two age-level tests. Level 1 is for preschool children ages 2;6 to 5;11 years, and Level 2 is for children in kindergarten and early elementary grades ages 5;0 to 7;11 years. For a more complete picture of strengths and weaknesses, you may administer BOTH levels to children between 5;0 and 5;11 years.

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