Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence - Spanish (CPAC-S)

Author(s):Brian Goldstein, PhD & Aquiles Iglesias, PhD
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Super Duper Publications, Inc.
Age Range:Pre K–Adult
Administration Time:30 minutes
Language(s):English, Spanish
Computerized Scoring:Yes
Description:The Contextual Probes of Articulation Competence-Spanish is an assessment and therapy tool kit for working on Spanish articulation and phonology. It is based on the "Contextual Probes of Articulation," found in the Secord Contextual Articulation Tests (S-CAT). The CPAC-S contains a Quick Screen that assesses all Spanish phonemes and many frequently occurring phonological patterns. In addition, it contains a Full Assessment that provides a comprehensive analysis of a client's articulation and phonological skills.

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