Patient Rights and Patient Choices

As part of the typical clinical process, clinicians make recommendations, which may include treatment options, diet levels, devices, or referral to other professionals. Patients often follow such recommendations, to varying degrees; however, sometimes patients choose a different path. When this occurs, clinicians are left feeling professionally and ethically challenged and legally vulnerable. The resources included here offer perspectives on patient rights and how clinicians can address situations where patient choice conflicts with clinical recommendations.

Model Bill of Rights for People Receiving Audiology or Speech-Language Pathology Services
Includes the following (emphasis added):

  • The Right to receive a clear explanation of evaluation results; to be informed of potential or lack of potential for improvement; and to express their choices of goals and methods of service delivery
  • The Right to accept or reject services to the extent permitted by law

Employer Demands in Health Care

  • Includes a discussion of patient rights and how SLPs might respond

Ethical Issues in Swallowing

Honoring Patient Choices: The Ethical Obligations of Audiologists and SLPs (On Demand Web Seminar)

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