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About Special Interest Group 6, Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics

Mission Statement

The mission of SIG 6, Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics is to provide a forum for collaboration between researchers and clinicians to translate research into evidence-based practice related to hearing and balance.

Study and Professional Issues

Study Issues

  • Micro-mechanics of the cochlea; oto-acoustic emissions
  • Electrophysiologic measures of the auditory system
  • Models of the ear
  • Psychoacoustics with hearing impaired listeners
  • Auditory processes in speech recognition
  • Design of new hearing aids, cochlear implants and other sensory aids
  • Digital signal processing for psychoacoustics and physiology research
  • New ideas in hearing research
  • Age effects on balance and communication
  • Cochleotoxicity
  • Advances in vestibular system testing and rehabilitation
  • Vestibulotoxicity

Professional Issues

  • Nature of hearing science contribution to the Annual ASHA Convention
  • Educational requirements for hearing scientists of the future.

Affiliate Benefits and SIG Programs

Perspectives on Hearing and Hearing Diagnostics

Perspectives on Hearing and Hearing Disorders is the SIG's online publication. Perspectives is published two times annually in April and November. SIG 6's Perspectives issues are offered for self-study to earn CEUs. Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics features:

  • News of SIG activities
  • The latest on research and clinical topics
  • Coverage of current professional, practice, and legislative and regulatory issues

Online Chats

SIGs sponsor live online chats. These events feature topic experts who answer questions from the audience. All ASHA and NSSLHA members may attend. Live online chats are not eligible for CEUs. Archived chats can be accessed online.

Continuing Education

  • The SIG sponsors a Short Course and a seminar at the annual ASHA Convention.
  • Perspectives contains continuing education articles. Readers may earn ASHA continuing education credit by completing self-study questions related to those articles. SIG affiliates may complete the self-study for a $5 processing fee.
  • Short Course: SIG affiliates are eligible for a 50% discount on select Short Courses at the ASHA Convention.


SIG affiliates have the opportunity to identify others with interest in hearing and hearing disorders:

  • SIG 6 has an online community where affiliates can discuss topics related to hearing and hearing disorders.
  • SIG 6 holds an annual affiliate meeting at the ASHA Convention.

Representation Within ASHA

  • The SIG 6 Coordinator represents the Special Interest Group on Hearing and Hearing Disorders: Research and Diagnostics within the ASHA Board of Special Interest Group Coordinators.
  • The Coordinating Committee responds to ASHA requests for input regarding policy, guidelines, committees, and other issues.
  • Affiliates have the opportunity to provide input to the SIG leadership and ASHA.

Coordinating Committee


SIG Coordinator: Jeanane Ferre, private practice, Northwestern University; Rush University
Associate Coordinator: Chris Sanford, Idaho State University
Perspectives Editor: Sumitrajit Dhar, Northwestern University
Professional Development Manager: Peter Ivory, California State University, Los Angeles
Susan Gordon Hickey, University of South Alabama
Wafaa A. Kaf, Missouri State University
Ex Officio: Deborah L. Berndtson, Associate Director, Audiology Professional Practices, ASHA

Additional SIG Volunteers

Associate Editor: Ashley Harkrider, University of Tennessee Health Science Center
Editorial Review Board

Professional Development Committee

  • Peter J. Ivory, Professional Development Manager
  • Wafaa A. Kaf
  • Anna Kharlamova
  • Nicole L. Marrone
  • Sumitrajit Dhar, Editor
  • Ashley W. Harkrider, Associate Editor
  • Deborah L. Berndtson, Ex Officio

Staff Liaison for Communications

Victoria Davis, Production Editor, ASHA

Board Liaisons

Donna Fisher Smiley, Vice President for Audiology Practice
Sandra Laing Gillam, Vice President for Speech-Language Pathology Practice

ASHA Corporate Partners