Past Recipients of the Willard R. Zemlin Lecture in Speech Science

The Willard R. Zemlin Lecture in Speech Science commemorates the life and work of the late Willard R. Zemlin, PhD, who contributed to the field of speech-language pathology and audiology through his texts detailing the anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism. The purpose of the lecture is to honor the work of a scientist who has demonstrated outstanding contributions to speech science. The lecture, part of ASHA's annual Convention, is sponsored by Pearson Higher Education/Allyn & Bacon, publisher of Zemlin's texts, and is developed by SIG 5, Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders. Following is a list of past recipients.

  • 2015: David Kuehn, "Speech Anatomy & Physiology: Past, Present, & Future"
  • 2014: Jordan R Green, "Mouth Matters: Scientific & Clinical Applications of Speech Movement Analysis"
  • 2013: Brad Story, "Structure, Movement, Sound, and Perception"
  • 2012: Gary Weismer, "Speech Science: Technique, Concept, Theory"
  • 2011: Robert Hillman, "The Evolution of Methods for Studying the Human Voice"
  • 2010: Christy Ludlow, "Lessons from the Neural Bases of Speech and Voice"
  • 2009: Anne Smith, "Speech Motor Development: An Integrative Overview of studies of the development of neuromotor processes involved in articulatory movements for speech"
  • 2008: Charles Larson, "The Role of Auditory Feedback for the Control of Voice Fundamental Frequency and Amplitude"
  • 2007: Frank Guenther, "The Neural Control of Speech"
  • 2006: Kiyoshi Honda, "Visualization of Speech Production Mechanisms"
  • 2005: Thomas J. Hixon, "Perspectives on Normal Speech Breathing"
  • 2004: Joseph S. Perkell, "Sensorimotor Control of Speech Production"
  • 2003: Steven M. Barlow, "Physiological Studies of the Human Vocal Tract Across the Lifespan"
  • 2002: Ingo R. Titze, "How Far Can the Vocal Folds Travel?"
  • 2001: Raymond D. Kent, "Physiology and Speech Learning 2001: Building on the Work of Willard R. Zemlin"
  • 2000: Maureen L. Stone, "Anatomy and Physiology 2000: Building on the Work of Willard R. Zemlin"

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