American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Past Recipients of the Willard R. Zemlin Lecture in Speech Science

  • 2013: Brad Story, "Structure, Movement, Sound, and Perception"
  • 2012: Gary Weismer, "Speech Science: Technique, Concept, Theory"
  • 2011: Robert Hillman, "The Evolution of Methods for Studying the Human Voice"
  • 2010: Christy Ludlow, "Lessons from the Neural Bases of Speech and Voice"
  • 2009: Anne Smith, "Speech Motor Development: An Integrative Overview of studies of the development of neuromotor processes involved in articulatory movements for speech"
  • 2008: Charles Larson, "The Role of Auditory Feedback for the Control of Voice Fundamental Frequency and Amplitude"
  • 2007: Frank Guenther, "The Neural Control of Speech"
  • 2006: Kiyoshi Honda, "Visualization of Speech Production Mechanisms"
  • 2005: Thomas J. Hixon, "Perspectives on Normal Speech Breathing"
  • 2004: Joseph S. Perkell, "Sensorimotor Control of Speech Production"
  • 2003: Steven M. Barlow, "Physiological Studies of the Human Vocal Tract Across the Lifespan"
  • 2002: Ingo R. Titze, "How Far Can the Vocal Folds Travel?"
  • 2001: Raymond D. Kent, "Physiology and Speech Learning 2001: Building on the Work of Willard R. Zemlin"
  • 2000: Maureen L. Stone, "Anatomy and Physiology 2000: Building on the Work of Willard R. Zemlin"

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