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Resolutions and Motions Being Considered

The following resolutions and motions are being considered by the Board of Directors.

We welcome your input on any of the topics. Please send your comments to the Board of Directors before the closing of the discussion period.


BOD 11-2016

RESOLVED, That Article IV of the ASHA Bylaws be amended to read as follows (proposed new language is underlined; text to be deleted is crossed out):

4.9.2. The Vice Presidents and the President-ElectBoard of Directors shall constitute a Committee on Committees, the President-Elect serving as chair. This committee shall appoint members to all committees, boards, councils, working groups, and other entities necessary to conduct the Association's business, except appointments or elections otherwise specified in these Bylaws.

Discussion open until 5/20. Voting open 5/20-5/22.


Motion 7-2016

MOVED, That the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Board of Directors approve the 2016 revised Scope of Practice in Speech-Language Pathology with the revised language in the Prevention and Wellness Section.

Change from:

Hearing conservation: Target prevention of noise-induced hearing loss (e.g., promote the use of work-site hearing protection, and institute school- and community-based hearing conservation programs).


Hearing: Educate individuals about risk factors associated with noise-induced hearing loss and preventive measures that may help to decrease the risk.

Discussion open until 5/1. Voting open 5/2-5/4.

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