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The following resources provide information on general statistics, and on statistics used in clinical practice research for assessment evaluation, group designs, and single-subject designs.

General Resources

Electronic Statistics Textbook
Electronic textbook providing both basic and in-depth exploration of statistical concepts

The Interactive Statistical Pages
Provides links to online books, tutorials, and software, as well as downloadable software

ASA's Ethical Guidelines for Statistical Practice
Intended to encourage ethical and effective statistical work, and to assist students in learning to perform statistical work responsibly

Clinical Practice Research Resources

Assessment Evaluation Tools

Calculators for likelihood ratios and confidence intervals, and more

Group Design Tools

Clinical Practice Research Institute (CPRI) Presentations by Randall Robey

Calculators for effect size and confidence intervals, and more

Single-Subject Design Tools

Issues in Single-Subject Research [PDF], by Kevin Kearns, CPRI 2009

Evaluating Single-Subject Treatment Research: Lessons Learned from the Aphasia Literature by Pélagie M. Beeson and Randall R. Robey
Article on calculating effect sizes for single-subject designs

Simulation Modeling Analysis program on
Bootstrapping techniques for statistical significance testing for single-subject designs

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