2013 Pathways Conference Sessions

The Pathways Conference was held at the ASHA National Office February 1–3, 2013. Following are the sessions that were held, with recorded presentations if available.

Launching an Independent Research Career Trajectory: The NIDCD F32 & R03 Programs
Daniel A. Sklare, PhD
National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders (NIDCD)
National Institute of Health

ASHFoundation Funding Programs
Allison Oakes
American Speech-Language-Hearing Foundation

13 Pitfalls to Avoid on NIH Grant Applications
Steven M. Barlow, PhD
The University of Kansas

A Few Pointers for Developing a Compelling Training Grant Application
Christopher Moore, PhD
Veterans Health Administration

How to Build a Solid Publication Record to Support Funding
Anne Smith, PhD
Purdue University
Larry E. Humes, PhD
Indiana University

Interdisciplinary Collaborations Panel
Robert E. Hillman, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Harvard Medical School
Laurie S. Eisenberg, PhD
House Ear Institute

Planning a Research Career Milestones and Developing a Five-Year Plan
Christy L. Ludlow, PhD
James Madison University

Five-Year Plan Introduction
Karen Iler Kirk, PhD
University of Iowa

Introduction to 2013 Goals and Performance Measures
Margaret A. Rogers, PhD
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

Goals and Performance Measures—Group Discussion
Margaret A. Rogers, PhD
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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