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PROmoting the next GENeration of Researchers (PROGENY) Participants 2010

The purpose of PROGENY is to encourage the development of young scientists in communication sciences and disorders, and to highlight undergraduate research efforts. PROGENY pairs faculty researchers with undergraduate students who are first authors on poster presentations at the annual ASHA Convention. PROGENY highlights and supports the work of these undergraduates by providing them with an opportunity to talk with experienced researchers about their research, and about pursuing an academic-research career.

  • Jessica Aaron, West Chester University
  • Caitlin Baird, James Madison University
  • Samantha Beitzel, University of Central Missouri
  • Erin Carey, Marshall University
  • Katelynn Carroll, University of Maryland
  • Mary Elizabeth Chilcote, University of Arkansas
  • Rachael Cooper, Case Western Reserve University
  • Jean Crompton
  • Emily Despins, University of Wisconsin–Stevens Point
  • Donna Goff, West Virginia University
  • Sarah Lynn Helfrich, California State University–Fullerton
  • Tera Krawczyk, Augustana College
  • Cynthia Kuhn, University of Central Missouri
  • Erina Kuleta, University of Wisconsin–Eau Claire
  • Lorianne Lacerte, Université de Montréal
  • Danielle Lindenger, University of Maryland
  • Chelsea McShane, University of Vermont
  • Lisa Mellman, University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign
  • Liz Mueting, University of Northern Iowa
  • Alyse Morrow, Temple University
  • Tara O'Neill, Pennsylvania State University
  • Bethany Phillips, Marshall University
  • Jenna Rollins, Marshall University
  • Kathleen Trainor, Eastern Illinois University
  • Anna Ubels, Calvin College
  • Traci Underwood, Northern Illinios University
  • Anthony Vittorino, Augustana College
  • Emilt Wallace, Maimi University
  • Jessica Wilcoxson, Vanderbilt University
  • Brittany Wingo, University of South Florida
  • Jaclyn Woodyatt, University of Maryland

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