American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

2008 Research Symposium

A yearly event at the ASHA Convention is the Research Symposium, where current, theme-focused research is presented by experts.

Symposium Topic

Neurobiological Determinants of Human Communication: Prematurity and Early Childhood

Proceedings of the 2008 Research Symposium

Papers from the 2008 Symposium were published in the Journal of Communication Disorders, Volume 42, Issue 4, 2009. Links to full-text versions that are freely available in PubMed Central are provided below. Otherwise, links to the PubMed abstracts are provided.

Author(s) Title Pages

 Adams-Chapman, I.

Insults to the developing brain and impact on neurodevelopmental outcome (abstract)


 Arbib, M. A.

Evolving the language-ready brain and the social mechanisms that support language


 Barlow, S. M., and Green, J. R.

Preface to the 18th annual ASHA-NIH research symposium: Neurobiological determinants of communication development


 Estep, M. E.

Modulation, adaptation, and control of orofacial pathways in healthy adults


 Le Bel, R. M., Pineda, J. A., and Sharma, A.

Motor-auditory-visual integration: The role fo the human mirror neuron system in communication and communication disorders


 Mathur, A. and Inder, T.

Magnetic resonance imaging-Insights into brain injury and outcomes in premature infants


 Nip, I. S. B., Green, J. R. and Marx, D. B

Early speech motor development: Cognitive and linguistic considerations


 Sharma, A., Nash, A. A., and Dorman, M.

Cortical development, plasticity and re-organization in children with cochlear implants


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