American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

2007 Research Symposium

A yearly event at the ASHA Convention is the Research Symposium, where current, theme-focused research is presented by experts.

Symposium Topic

Genetic and Biological Pathways to Underpinning Communication Disorders Across the Lifespan

Proceedings of the 2007 Research Symposium

Papers from the 2007 Symposium were published in the Journal of Communication Disorders, Volume 41, Issue 5, 2008. Links to full-text versions that are freely available in PubMed Central are provided below. Otherwise, links to the PubMed abstracts are provided.

Author(s) Title Pages

Arnos, K. S.

Ethical and social implications of genetic testing for communication disorders


Cotanche, D. A. Genetic and pharmacological intervention for treatment/prevention of hearing loss 421–443

Gibson, C. J., and Gruen, J. R.

The human lexinome: Genes of language and reading


Hayiou-Thomas, M. E.

Genetic and environmental influences on early speech, language and literacy development (abstract)


Scott, D. M., and Owen, A. J.

Translational neuroscience and genetic research: Genetic and biological pathways underpinning communication disorders across the lifespan (abstract)


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