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In the Loop: December 2013

In the Loop

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National Leadership Opportunity Available for Students

Applications for a position on the 2014–2016 NSSLHA Executive Council are now being accepted. The executive council provides students with a national leadership opportunity and the chance to shape the future of the professions.

The council is the administrative governing board of NSSLHA. The council is composed of 10 regional councilors and 1 member-at-large, 10 delegates and 1 delegate-at-large, and 4 ASHA members who serve in consultant roles. The regional councilors and delegates serve on the council for 2-year terms. The council meets twice a year (spring and fall), and members attend a required orientation session in the summer. All expenses to attend these meetings are covered by the national association.

Students selected for a position on the council work on committees that establish policy and develop programs to carry out the mission of the association. Each committee has oversight of NSSLHA's national programs—Student Advocacy Day, CSD Career Awareness, CICSD Mentoring program, The NSSLHA Experience at the ASHA Convention, the NSSLHA grants program, NSSLHA Honors, "NSSLHA Loves," and the NSSLHA Scholarship. The council also has oversight of the association's $900,000 operating budget.

Any student who lives in or who attends or will attend an academic program in any of the regions listed below may apply:

Region 2: New York, Greece, Saudi Arabia, Israel*
Region 5: Delaware, District of Columbia, Maryland, New Jersey, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
Region 7: Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin
Region 8: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri
Region 10: Alaska, California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, British Columbia

*Region 2 includes all international countries not included.

Member-at-Large and Delegate-at-Large: The member-at-large and delegate-at-large are positions on the councils that represent the special populations of NSSLHA members (e.g., audiology, distance learning, male, or nontraditional students, etc.). The member-at-large and delegate-at-large positions each serve a 1-year term on the council.

Applications for Regional Councilor and Delegate- and Member-at-Large positions will be accepted until March 1, 2014. Each position's term will begin July 1, 2014. Decisions will be announced in May 2014.

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