August 27, 2012

Changes to SLP Standards for Clinical Certification

After careful review and consideration of all feedback received during the peer review comment period in fall 2011, the Council For Clinical Certification (CFCC) voted to approve changes to the Speech-Language Pathology Standards for Clinical Certification. All changes will become effective September 1, 2014.

Based upon the practice analysis and peer review feedback, the 2014 Speech-Language Pathology Standard IV-A will require applicants to have demonstrated knowledge in statistics, given its alignment with evidence-based practice. Please note that some of the originally proposed changes were not approved. In response to peer review feedback, the CFCC decided NOT to delete the references to a specific number of hours or length of time for clinical practicum, although a few other edits were made in those and other standards for clarification purposes. The CFCC made no other major changes that substantially alter the intent of the wording of the original standards and implementation language.

The final version of the 2014 SLP Certification Standards along with a Side-by-Side comparison [PDF] reflecting the current language, the revised language, and a description of the changes, are available on the ASHA website.


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