May 18, 2011

Help Develop ASHA's 2012 Public Policy Agenda

The Government Relations and Public Policy Board is requesting member input in developing the Association's 2012 Public Policy Agenda. If you've never taken the opportunity to comment before, now is your chance!

What is the public policy agenda?

The public policy agenda is developed on an annual basis to help focus the Association's advocacy efforts for the year. In previous years, this agenda has been instrumental in focusing advocacy efforts which have led to a number of victories and advancements in federal and state legislative and regulatory arenas.

How is the public policy agenda developed?

The public policy agenda is developed by ASHA's Government Relations and Public Policy Board (GRPPB) with member input in setting advocacy priorities. Once the GRPPB finalizes the agenda, it's sent to the Board of Directors for their approval. Every year, we strive to have the next year's public policy agenda approved and ready to share with members at the annual convention in November.

Why should ASHA members provide input?

Sharing what's important to you helps the GRPPB determine what's impacting members and allows ASHA to more effectively advocate with members of Congress, the Administration, and state governments on your behalf.

Providing input is as simple as ranking the current priorities based on what's important to you and what's not. You can also provide your own suggestions for future advocacy priorities.

The 2012 Public Policy Agenda questionnaire is available online for you to complete. The deadline is June 30, 2011. For your reference, the 2011 ASHA Public Policy Agenda is posted on the ASHA website.

If you have questions or need further information, feel free to contact Diane Golden, ASHA's 2011 Government Relations and Public Policy Board Chair, at You may also direct your questions to George Lyons, ASHA's Director of Government Relations and Public Policy, at or Thomas Hallahan, ASHA's Vice President for Governmental Relations and Public Policy, at

The 2011 GRPP Board includes: Diane Golden (chair); members Lester Aungst (chair, PAC), Ellen Estomin, Charlette Green, Regina Grimmett, Mary Hooper, Sharon Ringwalt, Shelley Victor, Robert Turner, Nancy Mellon (public member), Thomas Hallahan (vice president for government relations and public policy), and George Lyons (ASHA's director of government relations and public policy).


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