November 1, 2013 Association

What's Your Scoop?

With Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield—the eponymous duo of Ben & Jerry’s ice cream—as the opening speakers at the 2013 ASHA Convention, the Leader asked what flavor of ice cream you think would best represent the professions. Here’s what you said:

AAC (All About Chocolate)



Artic Blast

Artic Elation

Articul-ate it All

ASHA Cashew

Babbling Banana

Banana SLP

Butter Speak On

Chatterbox Cherry

Choco Talko: Like the famous choco-taco treat. It would have ribbons of dark chocolate running through a sweet cream gelato-type ice cream (this would represent the various waveforms in spoken language). Additionally, marshmallows would represent sound-absorbing material. Last, dried cranberries would represent the human tongue, which produces phonemes.


Chocolate Balls ‘n Syllables

Chocolate Chips ‘n Moving Lips

Clutter Butter Pecan


Cone-sonant Clusters

Consonant Blend (it's 1/2 banana, 1/2 chocolate brownie, scattered with marshmallow consonant letters)

DeciBelgian Chocolate

FEESt Your Eyes

Fluent Fudge

Frenulum Frenzy

Fresh 'n Fruity Frenulum

Fruit Smooth Degluthe

Fruity Fricative

Glottal Attack

Hertz So Good

IEPeanut Butter Cup


Laryngo Lemon

Lemonade Listen Up

Life is a Bolus of Cherries

Mango Honey-Thick

Masticating Marshmallow

Mint Talk-a-Lot Chip

Mint Talkin’ Cherry

Modified Berry-Yum

Nectar Thick and Crunchy

Nuts for Speech

pASHAn Fruit

Peach Therapy

Peachy Language and Nuts

Phonemes and Cream


Pragmatics Praline

Raspberried in IEPs (for school-based SLPs "buried" in IEPs)

Red Velvet Vowels

S’peach Treat-mint

SLPeanut Butter

S'More IScream

Speeches and Cream

Speach Patchouli: Bringing body and mind into balance with this woodsy base note—containing a hint of sweetness—derived from dried patchouli leaves and sweet Georgia peaches. Divine to have after a long day of IEP meetings.

Speak Easy Banana Crunch

Speak S'more

Speech Cobbler

Speechie Special

Strawbarium Swallow

Stutter Pecan

Sweet Talk Strawberry

Talk a Latte

Talk o' Choco Late

Talk-a-lot Chocolate Express-oh


Therapeaches 'n Cream

Tongue 'n Cheek Cherry

Tongue Stuck Peanut Butter

Tongue-Tied Cherry Pie

Toppings Maintenance

Videofluoroscopic Strawberry

Vocal Vanilla



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