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At a Glance: International Opportunities Abound for American CSD Professionals

ASHA's International Issues Board sent a survey to 2,000 ASHA-certified audiologists and speech-language pathologists who live outside the United States, asking about their interest in hosting students and professionals, and about their governments' requirements for nonresident practitioners. The board heard from more than 700 certificate-holders in 60 countries and U.S. territories—here's what they said.

Willingness to host

Opportunity abounds for students and professionals who'd like to test another country's professional waters. Almost half (43 percent) of the survey respondents would be willing to receive and supervise a master's student or clinical fellow. Nearly a third (29 percent) would be willing to receive and collaborate on a clinical or research project with a colleague.

Government musts

Be prepared! Government requirements for nonresident practitioners and students vary. Respondents identified the following visitors' "musts" most frequently:

  • ASHA CCCs/national certification
  • License
  • Work visa (for paid positions) or student visa
  • Registration with the country's regulatory body
  • Membership in the country's national association

Respondents noted other potential requirements, including a memorandum of understanding between a university and an employer, proof of education and practical experience, liability/malpractice insurance, criminal background checks, language fluency or proficiency, and sponsorship.

For additional information about the survey and the International Issues Board's next steps, contact Lemmietta McNeilly, at

Source: 2013 ASHA International Survey


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