October 1, 2013 Departments

Glimpses: Welcoming Wall

You're posting photos of what you do every day to #ashaigers on Instagram, and we're paying attention. Each month we showcase one of your photos.

GlimpsesLeaving journalism for speech-language pathology put me on an exciting (aka scary) path. I needed a workspace to call my own, and the desk in my room was, well, I'll just say it—boring! Plus, I had started my blog, and staring at my purple wall waiting for "likes" on Facebook was getting old.

This French pinboard transformed my workspace as I filled it with meaningful items. Stare for a while and you'll notice dried flowers from my graduation, my favorite photo of my grandpa and me, me and my fiancé's auras that we had read for fun, and an obedience-school graduation certificate for Luka, my dog. He received it for looks, not good behavior.

I recently hung up the sign that reads "Fake it 'til you make it"—my mantra for when I feel a little less than confident. It's on the wall reminding me to always be my best in all situations.

About me: I'm from Long Island, currently navigating the waters of clinical fellowship-land as a new grad, and documenting it all through Instagram. I have a BA from SUNY Albany and an MA from LIU-Post. I log my experiences on social media when I'm not hanging with my fiancé or our families (animals included!), or shopping ... I do a lot of shopping!

—Alexis Gaines


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