October 1, 2013 Association

At a Glance: SLPs' Earnings Keep Climbing, Survey Finds

SLPs in health care are earning more [PDF] than in prior years—7 percent more, according to ASHA's 2013 SLP Health Care Survey, which achieved a 54 percent response rate. Find more survey data in this issue and on the ASHA website.

Overall, 67 percent of health care SLPs said they worked full time. The highest percentage was in skilled nursing facilities (81 percent) and the lowest was in home health (55 percent). Full-time work does not, however, equate to a salary rather than an hourly or per-visit wage: Only 33 percent of SLPs in health care receive an annual salary. In 2013, the setting with the highest percentage of salaried SLPs was pediatric hospitals (63 percent); the lowest was skilled nursing facilities (19 percent). SLPs working in home health were most likely to be paid by the visit (56 percent).

Private Practitioners

SLPs who identify themselves as private practitioners work across all health care settings. Private-practice owners and co-owners reported a median hourly wage ranging from $40 (working more than 25 hours/week) to $60 (working 25 hours/week or fewer). They earned a median wage of $70 per visit (typically home health).

For more information, contact Janet Brown, MA, CCC-SLP, ASHA director of health care services in speech-language pathology, at jbrown@asha.org, or Jeanette Janota, PhD, ASHA senior research associate, at jjanota@asha.org.


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