September 1, 2013 Departments

Glimpses: She's Got Game

She's Got GamesI have spent the last several years enjoying this well-stocked game closet at work as I target speech and language goals with my patients. I'm starting to think that my master's degree might actually stand for "master champion of winning board games." To be fair to the kids, though, I have also learned how to master the art of purposely losing without being caught—they did not teach us these skills in grad school! I snapped this photo right after tidying up our shared closet and making sure everything was properly labeled with "Speech." Trust me—it rarely looks this nice, as I'm sure many of you busy SLPs can imagine.

About Me:
I am proud to be a pediatric speech-language pathologist working with outpatients at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center. I treat children of all ages with a variety of speech and language disorders. I have recently started to mentor new staff members in the area of speech-sound disorders, and I am the secretary of the Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association. One of my favorite things is a monthly game night with my family, where I usually win. I can't help that I get a lot of practice on the job!

—Shyla Miller, MA, CCC-SLP


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