December 18, 2012 News

News in Brief: December 18, 2012

Medicare May Cover Maintenance Treatments

A proposed settlement will allow Medicare beneficiaries with degenerative diseases to receive speech-language pathology and other services to maintain or prevent deterioration of function, rather than the current requirement that patients show improvement. The proposed settlement to a lawsuit by the Parkinson's Action Network and Center for Medicare Advocacy may take up to six months to finalize and a year to implement. For more information, visit the Center for Medicare Advocacy's website.

Exercise Helps ADHD

Physical exercise may improve the neurocognitive function of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Researchers assessed 40 children ages 8 to 10, half with ADHD, in two separate 20-minute sessions, one of moderate-intensity exercise and one of reading while seated. All performed better on reading and math tasks after exercise, and the children with ADHD also exhibited selective enhancements in regulatory processes. Visit the Journal of Pediatrics for more information.

Alzheimer's Gene Loses Punch

The gene ApoE4, linked to Alzheimer's disease, becomes less important to people's quality of life once they hit their 90s. Researchers identified 121 people ages 90 to 99 living independently or in long-term care. The participants completed an interview, physical exam, and quality-of-life questionnaire. Those with ApoE4 were no worse off cognitively than others in the study, and those who reported social connectedness and coping skills tended to have a better quality of life, regardless of genetics. Visit the Journal of the American Medical Directors Association website for more information.


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