October 30, 2012 News

The New ASHA Leader...Two Months and Counting!

The Leader's getting a facelift and lots of new, handy content, and it's all your fault.

That's right. Through readership surveys in recent years, you've taken time to share what you like and want to see in the Leader. We've been listening.

When I took over as ASHA's director of publications in late 2010, one of my first charges was to oversee the redesign and content restructuring of the association's flagship newsmagazine. Taking nearly two years, the overhaul has been based on your feedback as well as the best practices in association publishing.

And what a result.

A smaller, newsmagazine size that's easy to hold, share, and store...enhanced navigability through colorful running tabs across the tops of pages, an interior table of contents to set off a recurring section on work-related matters, and fixed locations for columns and departments from issue to issue...a newsmagazine more in touch with the latest from ASHA members by integrating ongoing social media content into online and print columns and features...new columns that offer even more practical work tips and illuminate the invigorating range of backgrounds, interests, and experiences of ASHA's 150,000 members...new columns and departments devoted to international issues, the Special Interest Groups, state associations, associates, private practice, students, and the latest research from ASHA's scholarly journals. And there's so much more.

Drop by the Leader Lounge at the ASHA Convention, and you'll see what I mean. Check out the sample mock-ups of eye-catching covers and interiors; better yet, get your picture on a mock-up cover of the new Leader through green-screen technology! We'll print out a cover with your smiling faces right there. And let us know how we're doing, okay? Three Leader team members will be there, and we'd be delighted to chat and receive tips for new stories.

The new ASHA Leader arrives at your doorstep and online right after the New Year, just the right time to begin anew. So, carve out some time during early January, grab a coffee, brewsky, or glass of wine, and see what we—rather, you—are up to. 2013 is going to be a great year.

Gary Dunham, PhD, director of publications, can be reached at gdunham@asha.org.

cite as: Dunham, G. (2012, October 30). The New ASHA Leader...Two Months and Counting!. The ASHA Leader.


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