October 30, 2012 News

News in Brief: October 30, 2012

No SimplyThick For Babies

According to the Federal Drug Administration, SimplyThick, a beverage thickener for people who have trouble swallowing liquids, should not be mixed with breast milk or infant formula. In babies, SimplyThick may raise the risk of a life-threatening condition marked by inflammation and death of intestinal tissue. Of 22 identified infants—all but one born prematurely—who developed the condition after being fed SimplyThick, seven died. Visit the Federal Drug Administration website.

More Bad Brain News in Football

National Football League (NFL) players are at higher risk than the general U.S. population of death from brain diseases. Researchers reviewed the death certificates of 3,439 players (average age of 57) who played at least five seasons from 1959 to 1988 for death from Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. At the time of analysis, only 10% of the participants had died. The players were three times more likely than the general population to die from diseases that damage brain cells. Visit the Neurology website.

Alzheimer's Disease Harder on Women

Women with Alzheimer's disease (AD) show worse mental deterioration than men with the disease, according to a United Kingdom study. Analysis of 15 published studies found that men with AD consistently and significantly performed better than women with the disease across five cognitive areas—even verbal skills, in which women usually have an advantage.  Visit the University of Hertfordshire website (search "Alzheimer's and women").


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