October 9, 2012 News

NSSLHA Gets Charged Up for Convention

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association will sponsor two new "Charge up Your Chapter" contests, as well as its annual luncheon and awards ceremony, at the 2012 ASHA Convention in Atlanta.

Chapter Recognition Awards

At the awards ceremony, held as part of NSSLHA Day on Friday, Nov. 16, the NSSLHA Council will recognize local chapters for:

  • The most posts (or replies) on the NSSLHA group of the ASHA online community.
  • The most students attending the convention.
  • The most memberships in ASHA's Special Interest Groups.
  • The most male students.
  • The most submissions to ASHA and NSSLHA award, grant, and scholarship competitions.
  • The greatest distance traveled to attend the convention.
  • The most audiology majors as local members.
  • The largest amount donated to the ASHFoundation.

Video Contest

NSSLHA invites chapters to showcase in a video how they get "charged up" about NSSLHA membership. To participate, a chapter must record a two-minute video that does one of the following:

  • Uses the phrase "We're charged up about NSSLHA" or "NSSLHA membership has the power to..."
  • Explains the benefits of holding both local and national NSSLHA membership.
  • Shows what its communication science program would be like with or without a NSSLHA chapter.
  • Shows audiology and speech-language pathology students working together.

Videos should be uploaded to the NSSLHA YouTube webpage. Selected videos will be shown at the NSSLHA Luncheon and Awards Ceremony. One video will be awarded "Best Chapter Video."

T-Shirt Contest

In the second contest, NSSLHA invites chapters to design a T-shirt using the region colors found on the NSSLHA Regions website, and have its members wear the shirt during NSSLHA Day to help spread the message that students are the future of the professions. The shirt design must include:

  • The region number.
  • The phrase "We are 40 & Fabulous," "Charged Up for NSSLHA Day 2012," or other language that conveys the message of the professions of audiology and speech-pathology working together.

To enter, a chapter should submit the "Charge Up Your Chapter" T-shirt Contest submission form and e-mail a PDF, JPEG, or RTF image of the design to nsslhaprograms@asha.org by Oct. 31. One design will be awarded "Best Chapter T-shirt," and the winning chapter in each region will be announced during the NSSLHA Luncheon and Awards Ceremony.

For more information, visit NSSLHA's Charge Up Your Chapter website or e-mail nsslhaprograms@asha.org.

Dawn D. Dickerson, NSSLHA director of operations, can be reached at ddickerson@asha.org.

cite as: Dickerson, D. D. (2012, October 09). NSSLHA Gets Charged Up for Convention. The ASHA Leader.


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