October 26, 2011 News

Web Resources Outline State Regulations

Clinicians looking for their state's regulations for speech-language pathology and audiology assistants, hearing aid dispensers, and licensure requirements can now find summaries of state requirements on two ASHA webpages that will be updated annually.

Charts on each of five issues provide a quick overview of requirements for state licensure, support personnel, hearing aid dispensing, teacher licensing for school-based audiologists, and teacher licensing for school-based speech-language pathologists.

The chart on hearing aid dispensers, for example, indicates each state's minimum education requirements, reciprocity provisions, continuing education requirements, trial periods for hearing aids, acceptance of licensed audiologists as hearing aid dispensers, and restrictions on mail-order sales. Similarly, the support personnel charts include educational, supervisory, and continuing education requirements for various categories of support personnel. 

More detailed state-by-state information is available. Each state's page includes contact information for the state association, licensing board, and education agency; explanations of licensure laws for audiologists and speech-language pathologists, state teacher requirements for school-based clinicians, support personnel regulations, and hearing aid dispensing requirements; contact information for ASHA state network representatives; contact information for state officials and legislators; and a link to the state government's website.


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